Bronze abstract sculpture by Dutch artist Klaas Boonstra

€ 450,00 Incl. tax
Bronze, signed and dated 1962 and numbered numer 3/25. Titled: 'Free Forms'
Size: H x W x D= 10 inch x 4 inch x 4 inch

Klaas Boonstra 91905-1999) studied at the Rijksacedemie of Amsterdam. This was facilitated by financial support of a director of a Zaanse factory that recognized Boonstra's talent. At the Rijksacademie Boonstra was instructed by J.H. Jurres and Heinrich Campendonk.

During the 2nd World War he moved to Amsterdam where he joined the Resistance and had to go in hiding. After the liberation he came into contact with Modern art and his works showed influences from Picasso and Matisse.
Boonstra has always been a wayward and individual person. He had little intention to join an artists collective. Yet he let himself get persuaded to join the Creation group and later Group 54 and the Liga of New Images. 
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