Fred Carasso


Bronze Bison, executed 1965  ON HOLD

Dimensions: 3 inch x 5 inch

Fred Carasso 1899-1969. Italian/Dutch sculptor. Within two weeks of Mussolini seizing power in 1922 Carasso had fled the country to France. He found work but his active politics got him into trouble so he was deported in 1928, he went to Belgium and again deported, he arrived in the Netherlands in 1933. In the Netherlands his sculpture developed and by 1938 he had his first exhibition in Amsterdam. His career progressed and in 1958 he was a Professor at The Jan Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht.  Carasso lived in the Netherlands for over thirty years yet he got by without speaking any Dutch.His spiritual home was still Italy and after1945 he made frequent visits, taking back to the Netherlands the influence of the modern movement especially the work of Marini whom he greatly admired. 

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