Gerard Hordyk


Gouache, signed lower right. On the left 'het Scheepvaarthuis' and at the background the Montelbaanstower, seen from his atelier.

'Het Scheepvaarthuis' is in present Grand Hotel Amrâth

Dimensions: 20 inch x 13 inch Framed: 30 inch x 23 inch

Gerard Hordijk or Hordyk 1899-1958. Dutch painter and muralist. Educated at the Academie of Fine Arts in The Hague. Moved to Paris in 1928 and was there the neighbor of Piet Mondrian. He had a special interest in dance and circus. During WWII he lived in New York as  Piet Mondrian did. Since Paris they were close friends. After the war he returned to Amsterdam were he died in 1958.

This gouache is painted from his atelier in Amsterdam 


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