Juul Neumann

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Oilpainting, composition/collage on cardboard. Titled: 'Het Einde' (The end) Dated 1981.

Dimensions: 9,3 inch x 12,9 inch. Framed: 16 inch x 20 inch.

Juul Neumann (1919-1997) Known Dutch constructivistic artist.In 1945, Neumanns language of forms hovered between figurative and abstract under the influence of cubism (Braque). Neumann took, despite his regular job, as much as he could part in the exhibitions of Vrij Beelden, Creatie and later on the Liga Vrij Beelden with abstract oils.

In 1946 he joined De Onafhankelijken with Hans Ittmann. From 1949 onwards he called his works compositions and started numbering them. Typical for both his paintings and his wood carvings from these years are the limited

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