Wim Bosma

Wim Bosma , african village,

Rudi Polder

Rudi Polder for sale, luminism, expressionism, the haque

Henk Willemse

Henk Willemse, Willink van Collenprice 1950, Collectie Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, artist, for sale, karel appel

F. Pinke

Indonesia, F. Pinke for sale, Bataviasche Kunstkring, stormy weather and a wather ghost

Charles Felix Gir

Charles Felix Gir for sale, ballet paris, l'opera paris, dance, ballet
Armand Campi for sale, cuba, france , the netherlands, abstraction, women

Gerda Sutton

Gerda Sutton for sale, cubist portrait

Jan Kagie jr.

Jan Kagie jr for sale, still life with red jar, oil painting, stil life, signed lower right
Size: 20 inch x 28 inch