Miette (Emilie) Braive

€ 950,00 Incl. tax

Gouache, signed lower right. Titled: L'Eveil (reverse)

Dimensions: 26 inch x 20 inch. Nicely framed.

Belgian artist Miette Braive(1916-2000), was classically trained in Belgium, before moving to Paris to pursue her art career as first a student and then a contemporary of the French artist/author Andre Lhote. She arrived in Paris in the mid-late 1940s and began a career as a modern artist working and exhibiting with Andre Lhote over the next two decades. Braive was a woman of small stature, and when Lhote met her he nicknamed her, Miette, as she was small like a Crumb of bread. Born Emilie Braive, once nicknamed by Lhote, she worked and signed all of her work as, M. Braive. The influence of Andre Lhote is evident within the paintings by Miette Braive. Bold and vivid pallets, with subjects ranging from pure non objective abstracts, to full modernist/cubist abstract figures.

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